Welcome to Kwalifornia , 2016

Fresh faces in Kwalifornia working on our project back to school. So why are we all here? Read to find out

Name: Alice Ham


Why I Joined ICS:
I joined the ICS/VSO programme beacause I wanted to make a difference and be part of a positive change. I wanted to experience the culture and lifestyle of whoever I was helping. VSO has given me that opportunity. ”

Name: Blessing Onwudiwe


Why I Joined ICS:

I joined ICS because I have always had the passion to be an active citizen regardless of cross cultural differences and man-made borders.

Name: Mariam Ayeni


Why I joined ICS

“I join ics because, ICS was an opportunity for me to build my resilience, in order to challenge my self, to make a positive impact to the community and the world at large, and it will help me for my future career. ICS is a program for me to come out of my shell, to build my self confidence and be courageous.”

Name: Charlotte Handley


Why I Joined ICS:
I always wanted to make a change, but I knew as one person I could only make a small change. Little is ok. Volunteering has always been a passion of mine so that’s why when I found out about VSO I jumped at the chance.

Name: Davyd Ormrod


Why I Joined ICS:

“I chose to do ICS because I wanted to engage with like minded individuals and begin to live the principles that I have.”

Name: Ele Girling

Why I Joined ICS:


“During my degree I became restless over what I could do afterwards. I knew I wanted to be involved in International Development action in Education;  so when I found ICS I knew I had to be involved within its program. It has provided me the ability to develop my personal skills, experience a new culture and make a step in the right direction helping in a community in need.”

Name: Jake Done


Why I Joined ICS:

“I applied for ICS because I wanted to broaden my perspective on the world around me and grow as a person. I felt I didn’t really appreciate the possessions I have and the life I get to live. I wanted to make a difference in any way I could and help those less fortunate than me and many of us across the UK, this seems like the perfect opportunity.”

Name: Leanne Keast


Why I Joined ICS:

“I joined ICSto challenge myself, see another part of the world in the only way I could, through this opportunity. I also joined to gain self confidence, learn more about myself and to give a little bit back.”

Name: Lowell Clarke


Why I Joined ICS:

“After finishing my degree and getting a job I found I still wasn’t entirely fulfilled. Volunteering with VSO ICS is my way of trying to take the time to reassess and correct that.”

Name: Mafulo Ashore


Why I Joined ICS:

“I chose to be on ICS because I want to develop personally, especially leadership skills and learn to work cross culturally. Also ICS has given me to the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.”

Name: Maxine Campbell


Why I Joined ICS:

“After graduating this summer I hope to gain a career in human rights. I joined ICS in the hope to develop human rights in a country where it is well needed and most importantly I hope to make an impact, even to just one childs life. I have never done anything like this before and see it as an opportunity for my own personal development also. ”

Name: Oluwafunmiola Ogunjobi


Why I Joined ICS: 

“I saw it as an opportunity to be an active citizen and to make an impact in my little way”

Name: Queenette Effiom


Why I Joined ICS:

“I joined ICS because of the passion I have for Education and ICS gives me the platform to contribute towards the platform to contribute towards education. I also joined ICS for my personal development and its also a very good platform for networking”

Name: Sara Shreif


Why I Joined ICS:

“I joined ICS because I got to a point in my life where I felt I needed to be selfless for once in my life and make a difference in the world. I wanted to develop as a person and also learn more about myself in the process”

Name:  Shedrack Osuala


Why I Joined ICS:

“I joined ICS, because I saw it as an opportunity to Unlearn and learn, and to also help in my own little way. I have this great passion for children and I want to help build there capacity”

Name: Simdi Opurum


Why I Joined ICS:

“I joined ICS because I have a passion for humanity and national development. I know only I can’t change the world but I know ‘Little is OK’. I want to be part of the change I want to see. I also joined ICS for my personal development because ICS is a journey of guided learning”

Name: Waliyat Bamikole


Why I Joined ICS:

“I joined ICS because I see it as a way of challenging oneself in every part, to change, and also change the world.”

Name: Yanathan O Meke

Why I Joined ICS:


“I joined ICS because after my one year NYSC service with VSO, I saw my inner self craving for more action. I wanted to experience how life through volunteering will be outside of my comfort zon working with different people with diverse mindset from a cross cultural domain. I longed to impact my generation by changing the way I see the world and all these comes like a packed gift through ICS program.”