Volunteers Diary

Are the students going to listen to whatever I am going to say? Will they brush me off like I used to do to my teachers? Will they understand my pronunciations? Are they even going to come or we are going to speak to empty lockers? These were just a few thoughts running through my […]

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Road Rally Rage (Part Two)

Good news. It’s D-Day! Rally Day. Bad news. It’s raining. It’s pouring. It’s pouring. It’s raining. And that’s how we kick-start our Community Action Day (CAD), our rock tour day, the day we set aside specially to create the awareness to the community on volunteerism. As it would turn out, the heavy rains were a […]

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Bring It !!!

Before coming on ICS I used to be very scared of failure. So scared in fact that any task seemed too massive for me and when faced with more than one at a time I’d simply do none at all. Being in a new environment with a lot of other creative people has allowed me […]

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we love Kwali

 Some members of TeamKwali: Emmanuel, Becca, Funto, Leteipa, Enrika, Adam and Donald sharing about their love for Kwali, their Placement area for VSO/ICS SSN Pilot project.

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Ever heard the term CAD being used in reference to volunteers anywhere before? Well … Picture this. A band of rockstars getting ready for their very first tour. Album title, Volunteerism. Be A Volunteer and ICS in Kwali looking to be the hit tracks. Never been on tour.No celebrity status whatsoever. So you can imagine, […]