Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Nigeria would like to introduce Q7, Our team for 2016 working in Kwali, Abuja. The team will be working on the ‘Back to School’ project over the next 3 months, the aim of the project is to get as many out of school children as possible enrolled back into school. Our volunteer facilitators will support children through our Inclusive Neighbouthood Spaces for Children.



VSO is partnering with Y-AID, a VSO supported NGO with a branch office in Kwali Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). After the success of the previous cycles in 2014 and 2015 in engaging with mathematics and science in the community, our aim is to tackle a more inclusive aspect of Education and the issues facing the community Kwali in it’s enrollement of children. Currently in Nigeria there are an estimated 10.5 million children of school age out of school, it’s our job to break the barriers down and get them back into school through an understanding of each childs needs. Y-AID have already succeeded in getting a large number of children back into school around Nigeria, our cycle is the first in Kwali on this New Project, with more to follow!

The neighbourhood spaces are to be inclusive for everyone and the sessions are focussed around what is relèvent and necessary for the children to find out. The children in these spaces will be able to talk about why they don’t like school, or why they are not enrolled.  They will also look for ways in which they can bring about advocacy to the leaders of the community and other government authorities. The ICS volunteers are looking at bringing up fun ways of making the children gather, have fun and learn. Activities such as games, Subject specific fairs, quizzes, debates and camps will be embedded during the team’s stay in community to promote the learning of science and mathematics among young people. Short term outcomes of this project include an increase in the interest rate of positive enrollement which will lead to the childs completion of education in their community.



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  1. This is great taught which I believe will not only help my country but will go head to improve the living standard of Africa as a continent. May I be a volunteer of this very great firm,


  2. VSO/ICS in Kwali is indeed a life changing initiative, that draws in people of like mind and accord them the opportunity to make a difference in a world full of poverty and hopelessness. The volunteering aspects starts with a sacrifice and ends with a smile. because its enable people to really take up steps aimed at bringing a desired change in a bit to make the world a better place for all. a big kudos to the entire VSO/ICS teams and not forgetting our priceless CCEVs in Kwali. I must confess its really a worthwhile experience taking place.


    1. Do you live in Kwali? If you do, then you can sign up to be a Community Citizens Volunteer (CCV) for the next cycle starting in October. Call 09029684229 for details on that. If you live outside Kwali and want to be a part of the ICS experience, you must be between 18 and 25 years old. Visit vso.org.uk for details on the program.


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