Steven, 13 Years old and host brother to Adam and Miracle


“My name is Steven. I was 12 years old when I came to Kwali (13 now) from Kano State. I felt reluctant to come, because the school I was going was not that good, it was not strong. My ntransport was not good, the stuedents weren’t good at school, the teachers aren’t qualified, so the school is not educative. The school I went to in Kano, the teachers are qualified, kids are good, no fighting, no corruption, no backbiting, no corruption. So, in my school days there I loved to0 –play football, I loved dancing, I loved eating- the best meal was rice, beans and stew. In my primary school I was known as the best footballer and all my friends knew I could fight very well. If my friends were in trouble I would beat them.

“This is the first time meeting a Oyinbo someone, and I was so happy when I knew I was meeting an English person. When I found out he was having to go, I was so down, not here happy. I wish he could spend all his time here. I give God all the glory for allowing him to pass on through here for his service, and I give God all the glory. I hope God brings him back home safe lu in the name of Jesus.

“If I could give Kwali one thing it would be job opportunities. The jobs that are here are not enough for all the people. For the young people I would give them handwork to do and handknitting. I want people to not be jobless or living in poverty.

“In five years’ time I hope I will be in university. I want to study outside of the country and do accountancy in the United States of America.”


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