On Tuesday 29th August, Kwali Q9 team held their final Community Action Day and what better way to end the time here than through the spirit and excitement of sports. Set at the stadium, a short walk from the office, the team held a fantastic day for the children of Kwali, which saw them compete for the coveted Kwali Sports Day 2017 trophy.

Niamh, with the younger children having a kid’s club session

The day had various events and activities. Starting at 11 am, the sports day kicked off with a sack race with all the children split into four teams with their own team colours, yellow, red, pink and gold. In the first race of the day, it was the pink team that took home the glory. Yellow won the second sack race to leave them in the lead after the first event.

Adam officiating the sack race competition
…. And go!

The ever popular 100 metres race followed, with the red team getting their first win of the day in the opening sprint. Yellow still held the lead and looked to be widening the gap as they won the second race. Pink got their first win in the third race but red won the next to put them well in contention for victory.

Volunteers in participating in the 100 metres race

After a quick drink break, the egg and spoon race began, with two points separating the yellow and red teams. The red team brought things level with an opening victory in their event and gained the lead after winning the second. The red team then finished in second place in the bike race, as the gold team got their first victory of the day. The relay race then came, with the reds taking victory there and making them champions elect. The day ended with the long/marathon race, which also saw the red team take first and second place and with it, securing the Kwali sports day award!

Bike racing time
Team leader, Julia and a participant proudly wearing his medal

The final CAD of the cycle was a fantastic day that volunteers will not forget in a hurry as volunteers also participated in other events of the day, including football match and dance competition with community members. There was a good turn out and all the children had great fun. Congratulations to the red team who blew away the competition and were deserved winners of the VSO ICS Kwali sports day trophy. Great work team, you put on a special day!


Volunteers with some participants of the various sports events held




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