Mr Lonjgi, host brother to Tom and Tunde“I have lived in Kwali since 2001 to now, so that would make it seventeen years. I came here because my family and I relocated; we decided to go to Abuja and ended up in Kwali. I just finished my master’s program, after reading Geography at Jos University, I decided to do a post graduate in education and I am about rounding it up now. I hope to be an administrator, probably an educational one or a teacher, anyone of those things, whichever one comes first.


“I like living in Kwali, I like how it is quiet and peaceful, and it is very easy for anyone to live a quiet and gentle life. If you go to town now, you would see a lot of hustle and bustle. Though the problem is it is not accessible to town but there is peace, it is comfortable and less expensive than other places to live. So, I find here very comfortable.

“It is the first time I have ever been a host home, I have enjoyed it very much and it has been a very good experience. It has been a lot better than I expected it to be. I heard of VSO late last year and I didn’t realise that they did host families or anything. I thought volunteers were just brought in and put somewhere.

“If I could give Kwali one thing it would be to keep VSO as it is new in this environment. I would like to see more of them and more charities come to Kwali and help in any way and I’d also like the community to show a greater interest and find out what they are doing with the programmes. If it was more for me, it would be a shopping mall or a nice viewing centre. But VSO is a great thing and something I want to see more of.DSC_0845

“In five years time I should still be here, I am not interested in running away from the community but I should be more than where I am now, in terms of a family, settling down and have a career and hopefully be doing very well. Basically those two, family and career.


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