Ukewele Simon Host Dad to Niamh and Ella

“I came to Kwali in 1998 and living here has been a very wonderful experience. I live in the quarters here, and I enjoy it. To some extent we have our freedom here; we have convenience here, maybe compared to other parts of Kwali. I have my privacy and Gwagwalada town is just a stone’s throw away. I enjoy living here. Progressively, I think Kwali is developing. In 1998 when I came here, it was very low compared to where I had come from. Now, the population is changing, with many workers coming for the quiet life. Now the population has grown. There are civil servants who come here to relocate, there are traders who come for the enterprise, and there are children who come to study. The population is changed a lot from 19 years ago.

IMG_2595“I am a civil servant. Agriculture is my profession. By the virtue of me working with FCT on an agricultural development project, it has helped me give my passion back to the world. I enjoy working with farmers and seeing new agricultural developments to deal with the growing population and increasing efficiency. By the grace of God, I have been able to reach a lot of farmers; about 97 farming families. It is what I really enjoy doing.

Mr Ukewele Simon during a CAD event organised by the volunteers

“I have enjoyed volunteering my home as a host home; it is something I have a passion for. I love being a host home for the VSO ICS programme. The world is a small place and I believe in hospitality. Me, my wife, my children, we all enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds, travellers, we enjoy teaching them about our culture and learning about theirs.


Mr Simon giving a talk presentation on subsistence agriculture during the CAD

“Professionally, I would love for Kwali to improve their fruit supply. As an agriculturalist, the biggest problem in the world is food shortages and a population increase. There are many people out there suffering from starvation, people dying of hunger. I wish I had the power so that the resources are shared and used properly, so people are well fed. There are so many possibilities in Kwali. I wish the people of Kwali had ample food on their plates.


“In five years’ time, I believe I will still remain here, to put in my little effort and keep the smile of the people here. I still hope to be here doing my little bit for the FCT and the community.”


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