Genevieve and Chinasa held the final ACD of the cycle on Wednesday 30th August. With the topic of ‘Globalisation, technology and the disappearance of culture’ proving one of the most intriguing ACD of the period. Inspired by their conversations about culture, they decided to join their interests into one lesson.

Genevieve and Chinasa during their ACD

The session began with Chinasa taking all the volunteers’ phones, an act that left many people shocked and curious to know her reasons. The duo then opened a discussion on internet technology addiction, which caused murmurs as many addicts were present in the room. The facilitator then spoke about the other point in the title, globalisation and asked the team for a definition. Globalisation was then linked to technology and the internet. Culture was the next topic of conversation and the team discussed the link between globalisation and the disappearance of culture.


Team members participating during the discussion period

After a quick break, Genevieve continued the talk about culture; looking mainly at the UK’s own. Then the team was split into Nigerian and UK volunteers and asked to present a role play about the aspects of the other culture, which they’ve observed along the journey. This began with awkward scenarios but ended with lots of laughter, with the Nigerian slow walking pace and the UK peoples’ fast walking pace highlighted. The ACD ended with a discussion and debate on the effects of culture on globalisation in Nigerian and UK cultures, which was intriguing.


Genevieve discussing the topic

The ACD was a fine way to end the cycle, the group handled the topic excellently and volunteers were far more informed than before. This final ACD was the cherry on top of a fantastic cycle for ACDs. Well done ladies and the whole team, you should all feel very proud.




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