“My name is Adam Donald and I am a medical doctor and I am in a pastor school, I am a student pastor at the moment and hoping to graduate in the month of December for the Miracle Hope church international. I didn’t decide to become a pastor it is more like it is God’s gift, he told me this is what you have to do so I abandoned my job, my profession and I accepted the call of God. It is God that called me to be a pastor, so that’s why I decided.


“I have lived in Kwali for ten years. I don’t really like it here but I am managing. I used to live in Lagos but moved here because of my Dad, he is a policeman so when he was transferred here we all decided to join him. I was a doctor for three years and I really enjoyed it. I know I will miss it but the call of God came and I needed to answer the ultimate call and I am going to serve humanity in a different way. As a Doctor, I serve humanity in a hospital but as a pastor, I can serve humanity in another dimension. As a pastor, God can give you the power to lay a hand upon people and you heal them. Malaria, Typhoid, spiritual sicknesses will be healed but as a Doctor, you are limited to your knowledge, the knowledge that you have learnt at school while as a pastor you need divine intervention, you need the divine call of God to intervene in healing people in a different dimension.

“Education for the children is the one thing I would give to Kwali. Currently, I am working on an NGO that will be involved in offering scholarships to children around Kwali – help pay their school fees, give them equipment and then have a writing competition across the country because I am also a writer. I have written three books. The first was called, ‘Returning Home Beyond the Slavery of Religion’, it is about how in Africa there is some sort of slavery to religion, people have their minds changed so that the clerics can get them to do what they want, not what God wants them to do. So I sat down and looked at the country and the war and thought about the idea of returning home without the slavery of religion, to explain the different types of religion like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. I explained them through one person who left home to look for greener pastures and the people he met were wicked to him, but he didn’t abandon his religion until eventually, his God looked down favourably on him. The book is about whether he should abandon his job in the city or answer the call of his village to serve as a pastor. If you go to Amazon you will find it. The second is called ‘Under the African Sky’ which is a collection of six short stories that portray African culture and it is meant for younger children. The third is the ‘Virgin Saviour’; it is a simple book that I wrote for the African King Prize award. Unfortunately, it didn’t win the award but it is all good, I have the book on ground.

“In five years’ time, I see myself as a devoted pastor, a devoted man of God performing wonders and miracles. Performing signs, miracles and wonders is where I see myself in five years by the grace of God. Not by my power, I don’t have any power but it is only by the power of God. If God is with me that is where I see myself in five years time.”


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