‘Angwan Cashew’ which literally means ‘cashew neighbourhood’, named after the cashew trees in a  neighbourhood area of Kwali is the location for this week’s INS in focus. It is facilitated by volunteer Rachel and CCSVs Victor and Joshua. The space is held at Angwan Cashew Primary School situated in the far end of Kwali approximately 20 minutes walk from the office. At the school, a large outside sandy space for playing games and access to classrooms for learning is a good environment for the INS sessions.

L – R Community volunteers Joshua and Victor, with the children and Volunteer, Rachel

Every session, the facilitators start with a quick game to get the children focussed and energised. During the previous INS session, basic geography focussing on the continents in the World was covered. The children engaged really well and were interested to see all the countries and continents, particularly Nigeria on a world map! Rachel taught the children a song about the continents to help the children remember them and it worked wonderfully. The day’s session focused on the human anatomy and their functions. Visual aids helped the children learn where the body parts are situated.

Victor and Rachel explaining the human anatomy to the children using a labelled diagram

The session then moved to practising spellings which was in preparation for the recently concluded Spelling Bee competition. This had the children very excited and keen to learn the words. A pre competition ahead of the Spelling Bee was held, testing the children on the words they had been learning over the past INS sessions. The children were competitive to win and it wasn’t even the real deal!


Facilitators testing some children’s spelling abilities

The children can be attentive and interested in the sessions but at times they can also be naughty and disruptive which always makes the sessions difficult to handle! With the great support of Victor and Joshua, ensuring the children understand the sessions and controlling them is very helpful. The children’s learning has improved since the cycle began and it will be sad to say goodbye to them!


The Angwan Cashew way!



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